About us


The company is owned 100% by Marche AS, a Norwegian consulting and investment company (registration number: 987 257 555) active in the field of materials and carbon neutral or low carbon energy.


Bruno Ceccaroli

Chairman of the board & Managing Director

Bruno Ceccaroli holds a docteur ès sciences degree in nuclear chemistry from the University of Strasbourg (France) and a cand. real. degree from the University of Oslo (Norway). He then served as researcher and manager in large corporate companies including Saint-Gobain (Paris), Elkem (Norway), Renewable Energy Corporation (Norway and USA). Silicon material was his main field of research and activity from 1986 to 2019.

He is currently (2008-present) an independent consultant and scientific entrepreneur through his company Marche AS. He is the founder or co-founder of several Norwegian technology startup companies including Isosilicon AS. Ceccaroli is a co-inventor of the original key patent to Isosilicon. Ceccaroli serves as the Chairman & Managing Director to Isosilicon.

Dag Øistein Eriksen

Technology advisor

Dag Øistein Eriksen holds a cand. real. degree in nuclear chemistry from the University of Oslo (Norway). After his graduation Eriksen served as assistant professor at the University of Oslo and benefitted from a post-doctoral fellowship at Carnegie-Mellon (Pittsburgh, USA). He holds several positions as researcher and research manager in industrial companies affiliated to Elkem (Norway) and Norsk Hydro (Norway) before joining the research foundation IFE (Institute for Energy Technology).

In 2007 he founded his own company (Primus.Inter.Pares), from which he provides services to Isosilicon. Eriksen’s main field of expertise is nuclear chemistry and separation technologies. Since the very beginning Eriksen is involved in Isosilicon as well as in the research prior the company’s incorporation. Eriksen is the author or the co-author of all scientific communications by the Isosilicon. Eriksen acts as the Chief Technology Officer to Isosilicon.

Pierre Hilaireau

Technology advisor

Pierre Hilaireau holds a PhD degree in chemistry (catalysis) from the university of Poitiers (France). Hilaireau is a successful entrepreneur turning fundamental science into commercial business. He was the co-founder of Prochrom, now better known as Novasep SAS, a leading company for separation technology and preparative chromatography.

More recently, he founded Stonedge Sarl, an investment and consultancy company based in Luxembourg. Hilaireau has a unique competence in separation technology and silane handling. He is the co-inventor of Isosilicon’s second patent. He is supporting Isosilicon in any aspects regarding chromatographic technology.